This Marketplace is exclusive to black South Africans

We hate “Scammers” and have put measures to eliminate them from this platform. Only “Places”, “Resume”, “Events” and certain “Businesses” are allowed to be listed without verification. They will, however, carry “Unverified listing warning to advice the users to use with caution since the business is not verified. All other listing types can only be listed by verified users.

Why List In Moafrika

Community Marketing

Our system is designed to encourage affiliate marketing, and we use a network of affiliate to market Moafrika and your ads through social media networks.

Paid Advertising

We run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook Instagram and Twitter to maximize your advert reach.


If you provide excellent service or products, it will help your business to gain more trust from buyers and increase your sales.


Our model makes Moafrika the most affordable and effective way to advertise your business or products. With just a small verification fee you will be able to create an unlimited number of listings.

Great Empowerment Tool

Moafrika's aim to build a strong economy for #BlackChild. Through partnerships, Every month we will select one business that we will give much-needed business resources. i.e computers, branding, accounting services etc.

#BlackExcellence Rewards

At Moafrika we reward Excellence. Once you become Moafrika's verified member, you will automatically be entered into #Blackexcellence giveaway which is based on your client's review.

Have A Question?

Have A Question?

There is a big appetite for most black people to support black businesses. The challenge in most cases is how to locate them and to know what they have to offer. Moafrika is designed to address this issue by giving black-owned businesses a platform to expose their products and services to those who want to support #Blackchild. It also makes it easy for buyers to locate them.

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Moafrika is not intended to be a duplicate of the existing marketplace but a premium marketplace that goes an extra mile to ensure the security of its users and keep fly-by-nights and scammers at bay. Since this is meant to help those who want to Buy and support black-owned businesses, Moafrika goes an extra mile to ensure that businesses that use this platform are indeed 100%black owned and has the necessary experience and qualifications to provide such services or products. If a business is servicing a regulated industry where regulatory bodies affiliation is required, then Moafrika makes sure that such affiliations are in place before they are allowed to use this platform. i.e Architects would be required to provide SACAP registration etc.

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Why List In Moafrika